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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  May 24, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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found what appeared to be human remains. the remains have been taken to the coroners to determine if it is that of a male or female and the age. here's the information we've just got from the pleasanton police department. what did they find? >> found what appeared to be human remains >> >> how fast mike the investigation be? there is concern about sierra lamar so when we hear about this we naturally jump to conclusions >> we are very sensitive to that so as soon as the coroner's office can report to us what information they have gleaned from their inspection and then we can report that the of >> obviously they're working as hard as they can to get that information. directly behind me there are some private homes on the side of the road and it is our understanding that may be a homeowner had spotted a
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suspicious trash cans and called the police and that is when they found what appears to be remains inside. right now they have been taken to the coroner's office and the trash can has been taken into investigations. >> the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar made his first court appearance today. antolin garcia-torres was in the courtroom for less than 60 seconds. he said nothing and did not enter a plea. >> you are right, it was the briefest of court appearances for the suspect. the suspect's family was there and in addition to that, her friends and supporters were there. there was extra law enforcement and media but the defendant showed absolutely no emotion. antolin garcia-torres appeared in court for the first time to face charges he kidnapped and
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murdered sierra lamar. if he remained somber as his defender ask for a postponement in entering a plea because it was just assigned the case. garcia torahs stared at the ground during his brief appearance. outside the court the d.a. said he is seeking the maximum charge >> this charge of murder in the special circumstance of kidnapping is eligible for the death penalty >> his mother and siblings and wife exited the building together but said very little. sierra lamar family did not attend the hearing but dozens of volunteer search members did, some of them carried signs with her picture pleading for the suspect to tell where she is. one person recognized him as a performer safeway store clerk >> it made me sick to my stomach because i thought here's a guy who has been surviving and is charged with the most heinous
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crimes >> according to one legal analyst, by charging special circumstances which could lead to the death penalty, the d.a. left the door open for a possible bargain for information. you think it was done so the d.a. had leverage? >> they're not supposed to use it as a bargaining chip but i am sure they would like to have something they can approach the defendant with so if they get information on where sierra lamar is they may be willing to consider that in their evaluation of the case because obviously, that is a significant issue and something the family would want to see. >> because of the way it is charged with special circumstances of kidnapping, if convicted there would only be two ways to sentence or proceed either as a death penalty case or as a life in prison without parole. we should find out at the next court hearing scheduled for may 31st at 2:00 p.m..
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>> of the nypd arrested a man accused of kidnapping and killing a six year-old boy three decades ago. tomorrow marks 33 years to the day since a six year-old vanished on his way to school. police say pedro hernandez has just confessed to killing the boy and they are trying to verify his story. >> he alleges that he lured the boy, killed the boy and disposed of the body. they say it does not appear that it was disposed of in such a way that it would be able to be recovered >> he was the first child to be pictured on a milk carton. his disappearance inspired the designation of may 20th fit. >> the city of oakland says the fight to keep the old state warriors is not over, it is going into overtime. >> the city of oakland is still holding out hope that the warriors will return. oakland's mayor is making big
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plans to build a sprawling sports complex here, one worthy of what she still considers the hometown team. >> if we don't think the game is over on the warriors >> facing cameras for the first time since the golden state warriors announced it they're leaving oakland for a waterfront stadium in san francisco >> san francisco is just an idea and a handshake with my good friend ed >> despite the anne state says the city will move forward for plans for a coliseum city, shopping hotels and more importantly, room for the raiders, the a's and possibly the warriors >> the coliseum city project never really relied on one tendon in order to move forward >> call it the if you build it they will come up mentality >> that makes no sense >> especially considering that the warriors have already left and the a's ownership has made their desire to move to san jose
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no secret. >> the oakland deal as far as i'm concerned is farther along than the san francisco deal >> we have a place reserved for the warriors when they get exhausted with the process with san francisco >> even without the warriors or even days the coliseum can go forward and create jobs in the process. residents say there is only one issue >> who will play there? >> the mayor says the space can still be used creatively for other projects if sports teams bailout. she also announced a balanced budget at a press conference and said a preliminary report on this project will come out of the reserve fund. >> nancy pelosi went to bat today for california's proposed high-speed rail system. >> it is hard for me to understand why this is not something that is so self- evident that we need to do.
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in our state and in other parts of the country as well. >> the proposal has sparked a lot of debate on how to foot the bill. speaking at the california high speed rail conference, nancy pelosi urged lawmakers to appropriate the funding for the first leg of the project. some say that did not happen soon the state could lose out on $3.3 billion that the feds are supposed to kick in >> have is this for a day's work? president obama's latest. visit was only 16 hours long but when he took off from moffett field is reelection campaign had another $4 million. it came from a trio high dollar silicon valley fund-raisers >> a big rig crashed a car today killing a woman on 680 in san jose. chp says it appears the truck driver was speeding and loss control. a second person in the car was
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not hurt. the truck driver is in critical condition. a new concentrated laundry detergent paul rudd poisoning young children. how these brightly packaged pods are different than your normal detergent. >> the golden gate bridge birthday, our officials ready? we hope so >>,,,,,,
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>> they're throwing a big birthday party this weekend for the golden gate bridge. 75 years is really something to celebrate but there are some tricks that you need to know about the big party. >> i am standing in christie field and you can see there is all lot of space around. sunday i will be like this. here is the story. >> we're going to say happy birthday to the golden gate bridge and celebrate >> the signs are everywhere. this road will be closed, so will this one, and this one
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>> we are expecting a lot of delays and for the road closures >> david is among everyone telling people do not drive, it will be jammed >> depending on the weather we are expecting thousands of people so maybe we will have 100,000 people but it is hard to estimate >> the field is getting ready for its close-up. that is the main area of the day, a festival of music. businesses aren't jumping for joy hoping it will be, hoping it will not be a flop >> we're really welcoming everyone into the doors as >> across the street it was not there 25 years ago when the bridge diddled little bounce in of its own with the most weight it had ever handled, more people than they could have ever imagined. there will be no bridge walk this time >> we thought how to better spread the crowd and the
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festival out harkening back in 1937 when the bridge first open, they had a golden gate fiesta and we are having a golden gate festival >> they did not have terrorism concerns back then either. i hope i look that good at 75. fireworks are the big finale at 930. for all of this information go to cbs dot com. >> for more on the golden gate bridges sella 75th anniversary including a list of weekend it anniversaries and closures around the bridge, go to >> this could be a banner year for rattlesnakes. state fish and game says that rattlesnakes are coming out of hibernation earlier this year partly because of a drier winter. the state poison control system is warning everyone to try to avoid them but even young snakes carry dangerous them and they're not very good at controlling how much they deliver.
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>> they are a little bit more agitated because they have been sleeping. they're looking for a mate for new talent territories that they are out around right now making a mess. experts say if your going out hiking, stay on the path. >> mobile 5 is live and stuck in traffic along the worst evening commute in the bay area and this one might surprise you. how it measures up to the rest of the country. >> it looks like candy but it is poisoning young children. the unforeseen danger hurting hundreds of children >> 51 mi. per hour wind being reported at sfo and now, the threat of rain. the,,
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>> seven people were hurt fighting a fire on nuclear- powered navy submarine in may and last night. the fire broke out early last night on the uss miami. crews had the fire under control at 645 this morning.
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no weapons were on board and the flames never reached the nuclear propulsion system. saturday, crews will try again to give you a retired u.s. battleship its final voyage. they had to scrap the departure of the uss iowa last sunday because of weather. it is headed to l.a. to become an interactive museum. it should pass through the golden gate bridge to 30 saturday afternoon. >> mobile 5 is live on highway 4 in contra costa county, one of the worst commutes in the country. >> out here eastbound highway 4, it is not that big of a deal and these people have been dealing with this since 2010 but here is the problem, they're going from four lanes down to two lanes, a project that started a couple of years ago. it will take a couple more
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years for it to get done. eastbound from bailey rode out to somers will is where the real message is. it makes sense that the second were spot in the bay area would be westbound from somers bill or hillcrest back to bailey rode. the third one, not a big surprise, westbound 580 from cyprus to clear out the university ave. let's take a look at the live traffic map and show you where we are. there is red on the map because we're just about to go from four lanes down to two lanes. here is the problem, it takes about a half-hour to go to miles every morning and every afternoon. i'm sympathetic, i go through the caldecott tunnel situation every day and it is kind of the same thing. they're trying to fix roads, there is a lot of housing out
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here and people live out here so there is a lot of traffic. they're telling us that with a little bit of luck, the 135,000 drivers to go through here every day might get relief by 2015. use patience and stay cool. >> you can hit the beach this summer without the fear of getting sick. the group called heal the bay put out its annual beach report card. nearly all the area beaches courting grades of a's or bees. the only northern california beach bomber is cal beach, the most polluted beach in california. >> to kids they might look like candy but colorful little laundry packets are a temptation to little hands.
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>> just like a big container of brightly colored red lines, the latest dentation for kids looks like a treat but these are not streets, they are highly concentrated packets of detergent and they might be poisoning kids, so far, 250 reports nationwide >> we're getting more cases >> he is a clinical toxicologist at the poison control center who just got a call this morning from a frantic mother >> and 18 month old bit into one of these and detergent packets and had some vomiting >> other detergents cause mild stomach upset or no symptoms at all but the single those packets can cause a rapid onset of symptoms >> after vomiting they developed sedation and become very lethargic and have respiratory distress or breathing difficulties >> to toddlers' had to be put on ventilators. experts don't know what it is about these packets that make
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them such a threat or even if it is only one brand. realize that the jars are easy to open so keep them out of sight and locked up. >> like medication, we always recommend locking it up. there's really no safe way to put this away. kids will pull furniture and climb and they will get into things >> if your child does get into one of them, do not induce vomiting. just use a little bit of water to wash off the face and mouth. the child is willing to drink water that is fine but do not force them. call poise and control at 18022212 to 2 >> look at the surface of the sign as you have never seen it before. this video pieced together from still images was captured by a
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special nasa's solar probe launched in 2010. it shows and especially active 24-hour period recorded last september. >> today we had the wind is conditions so far and we're talking about wind up to 15 m.p.h.. the live cbs five weather camera is looking towards the bay bridge and you can see whitecaps on the water where we have some gale wind warnings in effect inside the bay. and also 28 nautical miles outside the golden gate bridge. let me move out of the way so you can see trays, trees waiting in dublin where the wind is up to 25 m.p.h.. 51 at sfo. 18 mi. per hour wind out of the west. pick a city, i will pick half
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moon bay. 23 m.p.h. and it will take a while to see them relax. that will generally occur in the overnight hours but through friday it will be another breezy day but not as windy as today. occasional gusts up to 30 because of this approaching area of low pressure which promises to produce at least a chance of a few raindrops through the bay area during the morning hours and the threat of a thunderstorm. the extended forecast will be mild. the pollen count is still on the high side but not as problematic tomorrow as today. 40's and '50's overnight tonight. your daytime highs tomorrow are coming down, under mostly cloudy skies with a chance of a rain shower or a thunderstorm. mid-60's across the santa clara valley.
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69 in sonoma and this is what everyone has been waiting for, the extended holiday forecast. warmer with a few clouds on sunday and memorial day will be seasonal. >> criminals taking advantage of the elderly. the call to,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> elder financial abuse, one of the fastest-growing crimes committed by strangers, relatives and even salespeople's >> there is a big effort to protect the ball will grow group from losing their savings and their homes >> it was wonderful qualities that allowed her parents to fall victim to financial elder abuse in the form of reverse mortgage >> my dad seoul dying wish was
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to provide the care my mom would need as her disease progressed outside the home >> that never happened because one month before father died a salesman convince them a reverse mortgage was the answer, a bad deal that cost a family their home and sandy's mother the care she deserved. that is what brought san be here to the call to action summit, an annual event raising awareness of the rest of the elder financial abuse. do you see a lot of caregiver fraud, insurance fraud and other products that are being sold to seniors that should not be sold >> a former city attorney tried the first elder abuse case in '93 and since then the numbers have skyrocketed. she says the key lies with children >> stay involved and ask questions >> she says to talk to your parents daily and ask them who
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they are interacting with. educate them about various scams and then warned them. ask them not to sign anything until someone else has reviewed it. an ounce of prevention that could have protected her parents >> it is left up to the adult children and family members to be the voice for the seniors sizzle in addition to predatory financial products, seniors are also often the targets of scams and once they fall for one day become repeat targets. if you have a consumer or story had to cbs as that of calm. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. brand new bay area soccer fields that don't need to be closed every time it rains but it still needs to survive the vote. the golden gate bridges set to celebrate a milestone, what it was like to be among the first witness the birth of the iconic symbol. >> cbs evening news is next. >> the latest news and weather are always on cbs says that dot com. >> have a great night everyone.


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